Staff Profiles: Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes

Staff Profile: Frank Holmes
Course Leader in Advertising

Frank Holmes

Frank Holmes

Course Leader in Advertising

Marketing, Events and Hospitality


I have an extensive range of experience working as a writer and art director for advertising agencies in London and the South West. I've worked on a range of diverse projects including establishing our multi award-winning advertising degree.

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During my spare time, I continue to develop and maintain links with high profile international advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy, McCann and Publicis, many of which now employ ex-students from the university. 

My research interests are varied, having in the past completed a mix of exhibitions and international conferences and publications. I have a particular interest in songwriting and lyricism based on the theme of human mood and emotion. This has led to a number of published works as well a single broadcast on Radio 1.

Teaching and research