Staff Profiles: Dr. David Webster

Dr. David Webster

Staff Profile: Dr. David Webster
Acting Head of Humanities

Dr. David Webster

Dr. David Webster

Acting Head of Humanities

History, Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

English and Creative Writing

My role allows me to switch from collaborating with colleagues on enhancing learning and teaching in the university, to working with students on topics as diverse as Satanist activism, Buddhism, existentialism & also leading our Cordoba field trip.

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After studying Philosophy and Religious Studies, I decided that spending time thinking about why we are here and how to spend a human life, was the most amazing thing I could imagine. After over 20 years of teaching, I'm still constantly amazed by the conversations I have with students, and the way they interact with the ideas we examine. I have written books (notably the controversial Dispirited), articles and more, make videos, and speak at a range of events, but talking to, arguing with, and learning from students is always the highlight of my week.

Teaching and research




New Religious Movements

Field Trip Unit

Emergent Spiritualities

Philosophical Arguing

Love, Sex and Death

I also crop up in various other philosophy and ethics modules. 


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


More publications from Dr. David Webster can be found in the Research Repository.

Thesis Supervision

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Contemporay spirituality

New religious movements


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