Staff Profiles: Dr. Amanda Williamson

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Staff Profile: Dr. Amanda Williamson
Academic Course Leader for Dance

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Dr. Amanda Williamson

Academic Course Leader for Dance

Performing Arts and Play

My interest in dance began when I realised the significant effects movement and embodiment can have on health and well-being.

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I am ACL for Dance at UOG and an Honorary Professor at Coventry University. My specialism is the field of Somatic Movement Dance Education within the broader context of Dance Studies. I am founding editor of the peer review journal, 'The Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities' and editor of 'Dance, Somatics and Spiritualities: Contemporary Sacred Narratives'. My current book projects include 'Spiritual Herstories: Call of the Soul in Dance Research', and ongoing publications in spirituality and dance studies.

Teaching and research


Dr Amanda Williamson’s research is inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary in approach, rooted in cultural and religious studies, spiritual feminism, phenomenology and new materialism. She is particularly interested in women’s spirituality and humanistic medicine, and has a passion for relationships between art and spirituality. Recently she has been working with researchers in African diasporic and indigenous pacific research, ethnographic somatic studies, and indigenous somatic knowledges.

External responsibilities

Professional positions

Principal Editor: Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities, Intellect

Peer Review board: The Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices, Intellect

Visiting Professor: Coventry University