Staff Profiles: Dr. Sally Rogers

Dr. Sally Rogers

Staff Profile: Dr. Sally Rogers
Senior Lecturer in Biosciences

Dr. Sally Rogers

Dr. Sally Rogers

Senior Lecturer in Biosciences


I am a Senior Lecturer in Biosciences, specialising in microbiology and molecular biology. My research focuses on immunogenetics, in particular studying the evolution of host pathogen interactions.

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My role as Senior Lecturer allows me to combine two things I enjoy, inspiring students and independent research. I have over 10 years research experience in immunogenetics, working in labs in the UK and Canada, and regularly publish in high impact journals. One of my favourite parts of the job is working with students in the lab on their undergraduate research projects, and supporting them through to successful postgraduate studies and jobs.


Award Title Institution
BSc (Hons) Cellular Pathology and Microbiology University of Bristol
PhD Immunogenetics University of Bristol


2013: Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching and research


NS4202 Cells to Organisms

NS4201 Diversity and Evolution

NS5203 Human Microbe Interactions

NS6205 Microbial Biotechnology

NS6222/3 Dissertation supervisor

NS7907 Environmental Pollution and Remediation


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


My research currently focuses on the structure, function and evolution of the immune system in avian species. Among other interests, we are investigating the genomic location of Natural Killer cell receptor genes and their potential role in avian diseases.


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