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Recruit talent for your business

Accounting students at the University of Gloucestershire

Discover the best new talent and let our graduates support your business goals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The university is home to the next generation of business leaders, innovative thinkers and new talent.

From placements and internships to guest lecturers and graduate recruitment, find out more about how fresh thinking and the expertise provided by our students can boost your organisation.

Recruit our graduates

​Let our graduates support your business goals by advertising your ​current and future job opportunities to students and graduates on our free employers' p​ortal. You can also raise your company profile through on-campus events, targeted​ marketing and sponsorships.​

As a prospective employer, if you need to check awards of former students you can go directly to the ​Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) website​.​

Visit our dedicated employers' portal to register your business »​​​

​​Guest lecturers and business speakers

Inspire our students and have your say in shaping the next generation of graduates by sharing your business expertise directly with our students. Become one of our guest speakers and visit our lecture theatres, computer labs and sports halls to engage with the workforce of tomorrow.

To find out more about becoming a guest speaker, please email

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is an exchange programme for entrepreneurs financed by the European Union. The person you host gets a grant, and there is no charge to your company.

This provides you with the opportunity to share experiences and work with new entrepreneurs at your own company base with exchanges lasting for between one and six ​months.​​

  • ​​Tap into the knowledge of other European markets and develop international contacts
  • Work with a serious, motivated new entrepreneur with fresh ideas
  • Find innovative solutions to improve your business and discover potential cooperation opportunities

You can take part in the programme as a host entrepreneur if:

  • ​​You are a permanent resident in an EU country
  • You ar​e the owner of a small or medium-sized enterprise or responsible for entrepreneurship at board level
  • You have been running your own company for several years
  • You are willing to share your knowledge and experience with a new entrepreneur and act as a mentor​

Once you have completed the application and get accepted for the programme, a local contact point in your country will help you find a new entrepreneur that matches your requirements. The entrepreneur will spend time in your company contributing to its development, while you will share entrepreneurial experience. This is a personal commitment you cannot delegate to someone else.

Complete the online application to get started »

Alternatively, if you have any questions please email entrepreneurs​

Knowledge Transfer Partnership

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is a government-funded scheme which places high-quality graduates in companies of all sizes to undertake projects of strategic importance to the company. KTP projects can cover any aspect of your business that needs an injection of knowledge or expertise. The length of the project can be between six months and three years, but typically projects last for around two years.

View more information a​bout Knowledg​e Transfer Partnership​s ​​»​