English (BA) course map

Please note this course map is indicative of the structure of this course and may be subject to change.

  • Course Leader: Arran Stibbe

Level 4

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
HM4001: The Human Experience 15
HM4002: Humanities Skills 15
HM4801: Introduction to English 30
HM4806: Writing the Self 30
To complete your programme you must pass a maximum of 30 credits from the following:
HM4802: The Stories We Live By 15
HM4803: The Power and Magic of Language 15
HM4804: Myth and Folk Tales 15
HM4805: Foundations of Drama 15

Level 5

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
HM5001: Research and Enquiry 15
HM5002: Engaging Humanities 15
To complete your programme you must pass between 30 and 90 credits from the following:
HM5802: Reason, Revolution and Romanticism 30
HM5803: Victorian Empire and Underworlds 30
HM5804: Postcolonial Writing 15
HM5805: Language Structure 15
HM5810: Crime Fiction 15
HM5811: Linguistic Comparison 15
HM5812: The Search for New Stories to Live By 15
HM5814: Shakespeare's Drama 15
Other modules that can be counted toward your programme include:
EF6301: Teaching English As A Foreign Language 30
HM5050: Field Trip 15

Level 6

What are Course Maps and Module Descriptors?

Course Maps

A course map contains a list of the individual study units, called modules, that you study to complete your course. Some modules are compulsory, but you can sometimes choose modules outside your core area of study which interest you.

Module Descriptors

A module is a self contained, individual unit of study. The Module Descriptor provides various details about the module including who the module tutor is, what you will be studying, how you will be assessed and what you will have learned once you have completed the module.

Course Resources Archive

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