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Staff Profile

Alan Marvell

“I’ve enjoyed working on a range of public events and I am currently involved in an education conference which annually attracts 1000 delegates from the UK and overseas. I have always been interested in events, and how they are created and managed, and teaching it is great fun as the industry is constantly evolving, providing new challenges and opportunities. It is a fantastic industry to be part of and one where our graduates excel.”

  • Course Leader: Clair Greenaway
  • Senior Tutor: John Lannon

Level 4

Level 5

Level 5 Notes: LE5103 and LE5000 cannot be taken in the same semester

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
LE5000: Applied Resource Management 15
LE5003: Research Methods 15
LE5004: Risk Management and Legal Issues 15
LE5700: Industrial Experience 2 60
LE5900: Marketing Experiences 15
LE5901: Creative Event Design 15
LE5902: Live Event Production 15
LE5905: Professional Placement 120
To complete your programme you must pass a minimum of 30 credits from the following:
LE5103: Planning Celebratory and Special Events 15
LE5104: Planning Music and Cultural Events 15
LE5105: Planning Business Events 15
LE5106: Planning Sports Events 15

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