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Staff Profiles 

James Dalby

I’m James, and I teach the practical strand of CRM.  I got into programme making through being involved in films – both low budget and features – in a variety of roles, and began teaching media at A-Level.  In addition to the CRM practical stream, I teach practical and theory on the TV Production course, and I also work on my own film and video projects outside of University, including setting up my own post-production company.

The media that excites me the most isn’t big-budget productions, but short digital media online.  The internet is full of creative people with a minimal budget and a big idea, and those projects are the ones that really appeal to me.  I want to promote the evolution of ‘filmed’ media to incorporate new approaches in thinking and production, and not to be confined by traditional ‘rules’ about length and aspect-ratio.

If I had to recommend media to absorb this year, it would be anything that you find online that you haven’t seen before, and that excites you!   

Dr Fran Eames

I teach in Media Communications and Culture and I enjoy teaching modules on media, representation, history, and celebrity culture. I also teach on a postgraduate MA module on Global News and Communications and my sessions look at the use of blogging and mobile phones by journalists.

I did my PhD at the University of Nottingham, looking at news archives, and completed my MA in Journalism at Cardiff University. Previously, I worked in publishing, in editorial, and as a freelance copywriter on commercial projects.

I have a guilty pleasure in my choice of media. I have been known to love the odd trash show (Footballer's Wives among other). One of the most interesting things I watched recently, while preparing a lecture, was the video for Telephone by Lady Ga Ga and Beyonce. It's super-stylisted but also very interesting in terms of gender performance. There is also a lot of intertextuality with Kill Bill and Thelma and Lousie for film buffs to enjoy. (Warning: it's a little risque in parts.)

The new American zombie series, The Walking Dead, on FX is brilliant. On Twitter someone has written, '"The Walking Dead is a big new American Drama that will do for zombies what True Blood has done for Vampires." Discuss... '(6:40 AM Nov 23rd via Facebook).  My kind of tweet! The narrative is superb, and the tension between the characters is so well written. And the zombies are fairly good value too.   

Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen

I teach Media and Creative Industries, Media, Memory and Digital Storytelling,  Professionalism and Creativity, MA Media and Creative Enterprise

I am a researcher and teacher of media, creativity and digital culture. I enjoy working with practitioners and communities on social media, digital media and community media projects. I work closely with industrial contacts engaged in digital participation and increasing media literacy. I research and publish in the areas of media and memory, media archives and women, ageing and media.

Media that excites me are new applications of media that recycle old ways of doing things. Emails, texting and social networking are like the letter writing cultures of previous centuries. Mobile apps that enrich everyday life. The relationship between sound, image and text to memory, nostalgia and emotion. The intimacy of a mobile phone as a friend, family album, lifeline, protector, torch, alarm clock and much more. Films, television, radio, animation as different manifestations of creative enterprise, collaboration and expression.

If I were to recommend one piece of media to absorb this year and why it would be 'Augmented Reality' (AR). A good example being December 2010 Esquire magazine’s AR edition with Robert Downey Jr on the cover. AR has promising applications for media industries and creatives. For example, I have just eaten a KitKat with an AR application on the wrapper! Students should be researching areas such as AR if they want to be creative with media. 

Abigail Gardner

My background is in Cultural Studies and my BA was in Japanese. I teach courses on subcultures and on popular music concepts and my research is currently focussed on women, ageing and popular music. As well as music, I am interested in issues relating to identity and memory and co-produced a DVD for the Cheltenham Hebrew  Community. I am involved in working with the local community on projects that use media to narrate personal stories. Part of working in Creative Media here at Gloucestershire involves being part of the local community and working alongside tutors on important and interesting projects.

I am excited by the ways in which digital media can be used to pursue enriching experiences that can be political and cultural. I love the ways in which magazines like Vice magazine  are global in their coverage but still cutting edge in their content. If I were to recommend one piece of Media to absorb this year it would the new album 'Fool' by Warpaint - an all girl band from California. They have broken into the industry on their own terms and this, as well as their music, is inspiring to me.  

Jason Griffiths

I teach Radio Production theory and practice. I was part of the team that created the first official full time community radio station in the UK. Involved in training & coordinating volunteer programme makers & broadcasters; devising community engagement projects, programme content & broadcasting; making & broadcasting programmes; devising & delivering community events including 2004 Voices in the Forest Dennis Potter Festival. Co-director Voices in the Forest community interest company.

I am excited by BBC Radio 4 and 6Music: both are in equal parts amazing & annoying! If I were to recommend one piece of Media to absorb this year and Why it would be The Hackney Podcast For me this demonstrates the true potential of radio as an expressive art form. 

Ian Hepworth

I currently teach modules across Media Communications and Film Studies, including: The Documentary; Media Sport; Investigating Media Cultures; World Cinema; Film Business, Industry Structure.

I have a degree in Film Studies with English Studies and an MA by Research for a thesis titled Gender, Genre and Representation: ‘Musculinity’ and the Body in the Female Boxing Film. I am currently undertaking a PhD alongside my lecturing role in which I am investigating Contemporary American Masculinity in the Post 9/11 Context: Brotherhood, Nostalgia and Genre in Supernatural.

One example of media which excites me is Supernatural (Kripke 2005-). This series is a subversive example of “law-and-order programs that emerged post-9/11 to indicate that danger is everywhere but that various agencies are working to protect Americans” (Wright, 2006, online) foregrounding family and challenging the importance of ‘official’ agencies in combating a universal threat.

I would recommend Lie to Me as one piece of media that everyone should absorb this year – great scriptwriting coupled with Tim Roth at his very best. 

Linford Madley

I have a business background and studied graphic design at Pittville in the 90s – the era when you had time to make a cup of tea while a web page loaded. My experience is with large and small companies. I was involved as a designer in the team which carried out rationalisation of the intranet for Nationwide and worked on websites relating to sports and online banking as well as consulting for BT on its online presence. I run a part-time graphic design business and am keen on clear, simple design that communicates effectively. 

Brian Panks

I was educated in Yorkshire and after completing a BA Hons degree in Fine Art Printmaking at the Cheltenham School of Art & Design, my career started in a Cheltenham-based graphic design company before I formed a fashion screen-print and design company. During business trips to Japan, it was suggested that my character drawings would be ideal for a Japanese comic strip, which appeared in Tokyo in 1995, this lead to the creation of the animated character Max Bear, co-developed with my wife Helena, first broadcast on UK Channel 4 in 1998. The Max Bear episodes continue to be produced and broadcast.

I began teaching animation and motion graphics in 2004, designing modules for industry and education while continuing to develop animated projects within my company Max Bear Productions Ltd. My current role, delivering practical digital animation in 2D & 3D, at the University of Gloucestershire began in 2005. I am passionate about all styles of narrative-lead animation and am always keen to explore new animated methods of storytelling.

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