Photojournalism and Documentary Photography (BA) course map


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Anthony Lam

I’ve worked with a diverse range of people in my time as a documentary photographer, from people facing challenges such as substance misuse, homelessness, and youth offending, to people coping with physical and learning disabilities. The emphasis with all these projects is to enable and empower participants to create new connections and social meanings through photography, increasing their confidence, self-esteem and creativity. It is that same creative ethic and critical awareness that I strive to instil in our students, combined with a knowledge of the power of the documentary image.”

  • Course Leader: Anthony Lam
  • Senior Tutor: Bill Burford

Level 4

Level 5

Level 6

Module CATs
To complete your programme you must pass the following compulsory modules:
AD6000: Dissertation: Major Research Project 30
AD6800: Major Documentary Project 30
AD6801: Reflections on the Real 30
AD6802: Landscape: Social and Environmental 30

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