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Public lecture series


​​The public lecture series aims to showcase the outstanding work and research from across the university.

Launched in 2015, the lectures will be given or hosted by academics from the University of Gloucestershire and will celebrate some of the most interesting and influential work that the university is undertaking from across a wide range of fields.

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Title: Cyber security in the era of the internet of things                       
Date: Wednesday 21 February 2018

Whether it's turning up your home central heating from your office, or measuring the steps you've taken today, the internet of things is making our world smarter. But from hardware to software, wearable technology and smartphones, are we leaving ourselves vulnerable?

With security specialists including GCHQ on our doorstep, cyber security is a subject close to home as well as a growing concern. Led by Professor Kamal Bechkoum, Head of the Business and Computing school, Students at the University of Gloucestershire are working to address cyber security through a wide range of courses and research.

Join him to find out more as he explores the risks, the benefits and the future of how we stay safe, while staying connected.

Missed this lecture? You can listen to it online in full.

Title: The referee's a w@#£*r"- respect and referees
Date: Wednesday 7 March 2018

Whether you love or hate their decisions, there would be no fair play without match officials. Anita Navin, head of the School of Sports and Exercise, hosts our panel lecture with guests including FA Premiership referee Andre Marriner, international rugby referee Chris White, and Gary Burgess from English Netball. Together they discuss the controversies, the challenges and the rewards of life as a match official.

Tickets are free but booking is required.

Title: An audience with...
Date: Wednesday 2 May 2018

From tips on roasting mince to an insight into treading the boards, you can expect the unexpected at our Audience With…events. Previous guests include celebrity chef Tom Kerridge, and actor David Morrissey, and this year's guest will be confirmed nearer the time. Head of the Media School, Anne Dawson, will join them on the sofa for an evening of conversation, followed by questions from the audience.

Tickets are free but booking is required.

Title:  Finding the truth in a fake news era
Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018

Named the Collins' Word of the Year 2017, the term 'fake news' is set to appear in the next edition of the Collins' Dictionary - but can 'alternative facts' mean different things to different people?

Paul Wiltshire, Senior Lecturer in Journalism, is a passionate about upholding the truth and society's trust in storytelling. He presents the case and the need for verified news, and how journalism can and should hold power to account.

Paul is skilled at combining traditional skills with the latest digital storytelling techniques. An enthusiastic blogger, he'll also be exploring the impact of social media and Google on journalism in a digitised world.

Tickets are free but booking is required.


The Search for New Stories to Live By – Professor Arran Stibbe’s Inaugural Lecture 

Date: Wednesday 13 June 2018

Society is structured by stories. The stories underlie the texts that surround us in everyday life, and often go unnoticed, but can influence how we think, talk and act. They are the stories we live by. While some are working well, others are contributing to inequality and environmental destruction. In his inaugural lecture, Professor Arran Stibbe begins by reading between the lines of everyday texts to reveal harmful hidden stories, and then turns to literary texts in the hope of discovering ways to reimagine the society we live in.

Tickets are free but booking is required.

Download the 2018 Public Lecture Series programme.