Staff Profiles: Daniel H. Stones

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Staff Profile: Daniel H. Stones
Senior Lecturer in Biosciences

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Daniel H. Stones

Senior Lecturer in Biosciences

Environmental Sciences

Daniel is a Senior Lecturer in Bioscience. He has a wide range of interests and experience in studying the molecular biology of both tumour-immune system interactions and host-pathogen interactions.

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As a Senior Lecturer in Biosciences, Daniel teaches across the Animal Biology and Biology Undergraduate programs. His current research interests mainly focus on tumour-immune system interactions, specifically finding novel tumour specific targets for use in immunotherapy approaches and how diet and chemotherapy drugs affect how tumours interact with the immune system.


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Molecular and Cellular Immunology and Oncology University of Birmingham 2013
MRes Molecular and Cellular Immunology and Oncology University of Birmingham 2008
MSc Cancer Immunotherapy University of Nottingham 2007
BSc Medical Microbiology University of Leeds 2005

Membership of professional bodies

British Association for Cancer Research

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Cellular Pathology








Daniel's research focuses on identifying novel targets for potential tumour immunotherapy approaches. Specifically, understanding at a molecular level how changes in protein modifications, such as phosphorylation events, can be presented on the tumour cell surface and recognised by the immune system. Daniel is also interested in how diet effects gut health both in tumour-immune cell interactions but also host-pathogen interactions.


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