​Marketing degree courses

Why study a Marketing degree course?

A marketing degree will open many doors for you in your career, as it is an integral and in-demand job for most companies. The skills and techniques you’ll learn while studying marketing can help you later on, if you decide to pursue a different type of degree like business management or advertising. You will gain a solid foundation of business skills, not just in sales.

Marketing also appeals to those interested in psychology or social studies as Marketing covers everything from advertising to market research.

What jobs can I do with a Marketing degree?

Marketing is a core element of all organisations and opportunities exist across all commercial industry sectors and not for profit organisations such as charities, local government and higher education institutions. A lot of the jobs are in London, but graduates don’t just go to work in advertising agencies, and with the rise of digital and mobile technology, a lot of marketing is done in quite innovative ways, using a range of methods. As a specialist skill, the best marketers are in high demand, and command a very decent starting salary. 

Marketing roles include:

  • Advertising account executive
  • Campaigns Manager
  • Communications Manager
  • Digital marketing executive
  • Market researcher
  • Marketing executive
  • Media Buyer
  • Public Relations account executive
  • Social media manager
  • Event manager
  • Web content manager

What does a Marketing degree course consist of?

On a Marketing degree course you will study business with a focus on marketing techniques related to advertising, customer relations, public relations and event organisation. Explore subjects such as customer behaviour, marketing principles, product development, market research and international marketing, digital marketing and law.

You may learn through small class based activities which could lead to a short group presentation on a specific task. Learning the art of the sales pitch is crucial.

Most marketing degrees include a professional placement opportunity either mandatory or optional. Mandatory placements often vary in length from two to 30 weeks – a full academic year. Shorter work placements are typically designed to fit around your modules of study.

What Marketing degrees can I do at University of Gloucestershire?

Business and Marketing Management BA (Hons) - Our Business & Marketing Management Degree offers additional subjects such as new business enterprise, e-interactivity, customer behaviour and social media.

Marketing BA (Hons) - Learn the secrets of effective marketing and its integral role in international business success.

Marketing, Advertising, and Branding BA (Hons) - Launch your career with a guaranteed international experience, CIM exemptions and insight from global brands on our Marketing, Advertising & Branding Degree.

Why study Marketing at University of Gloucestershire?

Every year our students complete over 4000 work placements and internships at companies such as BT, O2, IBM and the Ministry of Defence. Build your knowledge and experience by working with industry leaders. Hear from a range of industry experts such as Superdry at guest lectures throughout your course. You will also have a personal tutor to help you identify extra curricular opportunities to gain wider life skills such as voluntary work, clubs, societies and sports.