Staff Profiles: Celia Lawson-Pegg

Celia Lawson-Pegg

Staff Profile: Celia Lawson-Pegg
Senior Lecturer

Celia Lawson-Pegg

Celia Lawson-Pegg

Senior Lecturer

Business, Entrepreneurship and Financial Management

I have taught within the University for the past year but have previously lectured Level 6 in Change Management. I have 30 years of industry experience across a broad spectrum of global and UK organisations.


A background predominantly in learning and development plus sales and customer service within a number of UK and global companies across a range of industries including Technology and Professional service sectors. A director of my own company employing five people during two years, and a board director within two other organisations.


Award Title Institution
CIPD Postgraduaute diploma in HRM University of Gloucestershire

Teaching and research


Undergraduate, Postgraduate