Staff Profiles: Dr. Matt Reed

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Staff Profile: Dr. Matt Reed
Reader in Food Citizenship

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Dr. Matt Reed

Reader in Food Citizenship

Countryside and Community Research Institute

Social Sciences

Matt is a sociologist with research interests in how and why social change takes place around food. He has worked at the CCRI since 2007 and is currently working on a range of projects. He has research interests in the farming family, rural communities, social networks, fishing communities and the changing technologies of food.


I am a sociologist who is interested in how food changes us and how we together can change the food system. In my research, I work with farmers, fishers, foodies and policy people in rural areas and cities. I started my academic career focused on organic farming. Since that time, I have studied the language around food, genetic technologies, as well as farming policy, urban agriculture and the development of rural communities. This spread of research has meant co-operating with a wide range of disciplines from linguistics to genetics by way of ecology and crop science. Although I still spend a lot of time with people growing and gathering food in the field, although my interests increasingly take me into the new spaces of food on-line.

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More publications from Dr. Matt Reed can be found in the Research Repository.

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Food and farming policy, new technologies around food. Rural community developments. Urban food and farming.

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