Staff Profiles: Dr. Mauro Vigani

Dr. Mauro Vigani

Staff Profile: Dr. Mauro Vigani
Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics

Dr. Mauro Vigani

Dr. Mauro Vigani

Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics and Econometrics

Countryside and Community Research Institute

Environmental Sciences

Mauro is an applied economist, with experience in econometric analysis, survey design and primary data collection.


Mauro has worked on the political economy of food standards, the economics of agricultural biotechnologies and agricultural labour. His current research interests are agricultural policies, farm productivity, risk management, supply chain arrangements and technology adoption. More specifically, Mauro’s main areas of interest concern the impact of sustainable innovation and risk management practices on farm productivity, how the adoption of agricultural technologies and supply chain arrangements affects farms’ sustainability and household food security and agricultural policy evaluation. Mauro is currently CCRI principal investigator for the H2020 project SURE-Farm and he is working on the H2020 SUFISA project, as well as undertaking a number of projects for the EU Commission and UN FAO.


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Agricultural Economics University of Milan 2010
MSc Crop Production and Protection University of Milan 2007
BSc Crops Production University of Milan 2005

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board for EuroChoices

International Association of Agricultural Economists

European Association of Agricultural Economists

Agricultural Economics Society

Food Standard Agency’s Register of Specialists


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