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'Outstanding' Education

We’ve been training teachers since 1847 and our initial teacher education in the primary and secondary phases is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted (2015/16).


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Early Childhood Studies, Education, Learning and Teacher Training.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Here at the University of Gloucestershire our practice is based on a clearly defined set of values; the transformational potential of education, the centrality of social justice to our actions, the value of community and a belief that diversity enriches learning. 

As educators we, like you, are interested both in the immediate impact our practice can have as well as the investment in the futures of our learners.

Based at our historic Francis Close Hall campus, just a few minutes’ walk from Cheltenham town centre, the School of Education has been making a significant contribution to education for over 150 years. 

Leading the way in high quality research, teaching and professional education, we have earned an excellent reputation both in terms of student satisfaction and quality of course delivery.

Providing exceptional support, specialist subject expertise and a network of over 400 schools for first-rate placement opportunities, if you engage with us, you will become part of a close-knit community.

Ranked in the top 10 for high-quality staff and lectures

(THE Student Experience Survey 2018)

​We understand that mature students are often balancing family or work commitments alongside their studies, so we offer flexible learning options for some courses. 

Benefitting from our exceptional support, specialist subject expertise and a network of over 400 schools for first-rate placement opportunities, when you study with us, you become part of a close-knit community.

Developing your knowledge and training in the sector will further your confidence and ability to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Whether you want to train as a teacher, are already well established in your teaching career, or considering other roles in the sector, the University of Gloucestershire is committed to helping you take the next step.



Samantha Roberts

The course has been brilliant; you have the first couple of weeks at uni to go through some fundamentals but then after that you’re pretty much constantly in a school. You learn so much more out experiencing teaching in real life. The students meet once a week at the uni with our lecturers and tutors where we talk about our experiences so we all learn with, and from, each other.



Matt Needham

My confidence has grown so much in the class, just from having so much more experience – although there are 30 pairs of eyes staring at me, I don’t feel intimidated because I’m just used to it now.​​

​Sup​porting your school

In addition to your personal development, the University of Gloucestershire offers a wide spectrum of services which could be of benefit to not only your own role, but your students and school too.

Developing solutons: Learning and Research Network (LeARN)

The School of Education is pleased to offer a service through the LeARN network to develop research capacity to diagnose problems or weaknesses within your school and help develop solutions to address them. The programme has been designed to empower professionals, raise the quality of teaching, contribute to broader school improvement and ultimately enhance outcomes for learners.​

For more information please contact Dr Paul Vare, pvare@​​.

Sharing best practice

Computing At School (CAS) is a working group created to promote the teaching of computer science at school. As a collaborative partner with the British Computer Society (BCS) – the Chartered Institute for IT, through the BCS Academy of Computing, it has formal support from other industry partners. Membership is open to almost everyone – teachers, parents, governors, exam boards, industry, professional societies and universities.

The Computing At School Cheltenham Primary Hub holds termly meetings after school, taking advantage of the University of Gloucestershire’s state-of-the-art facilities at the Francis Close Hall campus. It aims to support local teachers to teach primary computing by sharing teaching ideas and materials, offering training and the opportunity to meet with like-minded colleagues. 

In 2018 the CAS Cheltenham Primary hub won the CAS South West region hub award at the CAS National conference.

For more information please visit the CAS Cheltenham Primary Hub website or contact Lindsay Evans,​.

The GLOWMaths hub is part of a network of the Department for Education’s funded school-based centres or hubs, which have been designed to transform mathematics’ education for children and teenagers of all ages across the country. The GLOWMaths hub is keen to:

  • ensure all pupils, teachers and leaders have access to support, research and innovation that will improve the enjoyment and achievement of mathematics
  • work with successful established mathematics communities across the region, national and international partners and mathematics associations

For more information visit

Helping with your staff requirements

The University of Gloucestershire currently works with over 400 schools in Gloucestershire and beyond to provide students and newly qualified teachers for teaching placements and to act as mentors.

We provide schools with enthusiastic, energetic trainees who are keen to put the theory they have learnt at university into practice. By joining our network, you will be playing a vital role in shaping the future generation of teachers. It is also an excellent way to supplement your staffing requirements and ensure that your teaching methods are kept fresh and up-to-date using the latest techniques.

Promoting progression to higher education

The focus of our Outreach department is to educate, advise and inspire students to consider higher education, especially those who may not have previously considered it as an option.

We run a host of events and activities designed for specific age groups to open your students’ eyes to the opportunities that are available to them and also give a taste of university life at no cost to you. These include taster days, residentials, mentoring, talks and workshops, aspiration days and even subject-specific conferences.

We are also happy to come to your open evening or careers fair to give impartial advice about careers, subject choices and progression routes.

If your school hasn’t already done so, why not consider joining our Partnership Scheme? You will benefit from priority booking for our Outreach events and bespoke activities for your students.

For more information please contact