Staff Profiles: Dr. Pekka Pitkänen

Dr. Pekka Pitkänen

Staff Profile: Dr. Pekka Pitkänen
Senior Lecturer in Liberal and Performing Arts

Dr. Pekka Pitkänen

Dr. Pekka Pitkänen

Senior Lecturer in Liberal and Performing Arts

Religious, Philosophical and Historical Studies

My main area of specialisation is the study of the sacred texts of Christianity (Old Testament/Hebrew Bible) in the context of the ancient world from a number of perspectives including archaeology, sociology and anthropology.


My first degrees (BSc+MSc) were in computer science (with a minor in economics) via an applied physics programme. I then studied Christian theology (MDiv) and subsequently completed a PhD in biblical studies (OT/HB). After completing the PhD I was employed by the University of Gloucestershire where I have taught Christian Theology and Religion. I have a passion for teaching and research and hope to assist students fulfil their potential in their studies. As part of my work, I particularly like to foster multidisciplinary approaches to the study of liberal arts.


Award Title Institution Date
BSc and MSc Computer Science (Applied Physics programme) Helsinki University of Technology 1991
MDiv Christian Theology Chongshin University General Presbyterian Theological Seminary 1997
PhD Old Testament/Hebrew Bible studies University of Gloucestershire 2001
PGCHE Education University of Gloucestershire 2005

Membership of professional bodies


Teaching and research


Dr Pekka Pitkänen's teaching focuses on the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Christianity and various areas of Christian Theology, also as they relate to such issues as postmodernity, social sciences and philosophy of science; biblical Hebrew.


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


The Pentateuch and the book of Joshua, Judges-Kings and Chronicles, archaeology of ancient Israel and ANE, esp. LBA-IAI, Ancient Near Eastern history, esp. second millennium BCE, history of migrations and colonialism, ritual studies, other sociological and anthropological approaches to biblical studies, reception history of biblical texts



More publications from Dr. Pekka Pitkänen can be found in the Research Repository.

Thesis Supervision

External responsibilities

Professional positions

Co-chair of International section of Society of Biblical Literature, Ritual in the Biblical Word group

External examining

Several PhD/Postgraduate research degree examinations at UK institutions.