Staff Profiles: Sue Chilton

Sue Chilton

Staff Profile: Sue Chilton
Senior Lecturer in Health Studies

Sue Chilton

Sue Chilton

Senior Lecturer in Health Studies


A love of people, how they tick and interact and their different responses to life’s challenges has always underpinned my desire to nurse as well as influence care delivery through my teaching.


My varied career path is founded on my love of and fascination with people and how they respond to life’s challenges. My work has included roles in hospital, specialist and community nursing as well as higher education. I have a strong professional desire to influence future clinical nurse leaders by developing their required resilience, emotional intelligence and competence to lead and manage complex, personalised care delivery.


Award Title Institution Date
BNurs Bachelor of Nursing Degree (with Distinction) – including RN, DN and HV University of Manchester 1981
MSc Master of Science in Applications of Psychology University of Wolverhampton 1992
PGCE Post Graduate Certificate in Education University of Wolverhampton 1993
DNT District Nurse Tutor University of Wolverhampton 1993

Membership of professional bodies

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council

Member of the Royal College of Nursing

Member of the Association of District Nurse Educators

Teaching and research


Importance of transformative learning – involving reflexivity and action learning related to issues/challenges in practice

Organisational factors influencing the degree of agency afforded to clinical nurse leaders to engage in practice development.


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


Concept of team working and collaborative practice in the community setting in relation to care outcomes in health and social care – challenges, opportunities and dilemmas

Sustainability of 'new knowledge, skills and values' in the form of practice development and inherent challenges

Caring for someone who has dementia – what is life like?

What do district nurses do?


External responsibilities

Engagement at a national level with key stakeholder organisations such as Queen's Nursing Institute, Health Education England, NHS England, Nursing and Midwifery Council, Association of District Nurse Educators and the Royal College of Nursing.

Subjects for media interviews

Issues relating to district and community nursing particularly relating to the required educational preparation.

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Professional positions

Professional publishing profile, having written for journals and books and held major editorial posts.

External examining

Sheffield Hallam University (2016–2020), Teesside University (2016–2020).