Staff Profiles: Dr. Rachel Sumner

Dr. Rachel Sumner

Staff Profile: Dr. Rachel Sumner
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Rachel Sumner

Dr. Rachel Sumner

Senior Lecturer

Psychological Sciences

I am an interdisciplinary health psychologist, with a focus on psychobiology. My research focuses on chronic stress, psychosocial determinants of health, and neuropsychological influences on immunity.


I am involved in research on how psychology changes how our brains work, and how this then affects our health and wellbeing. I have published in the areas of Psychoneuroimmunology and Psychoneuroendocrinology, and am involved in several interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary health research projects at UoG and beyond. I have a particular interest in understanding and advancing research methodology, and this is carried through my research and teaching.


Award Title Institution Date
Bsc (Hons) Psychology Staffordshire University 2006
MSc Health Psychology Staffordshire University 2007
PhD Health Science Brunel University, London 2012

Teaching and research


Biological psychology

Health psychology

Social psychology

Research design and methodology


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


My research primarily concerns the intersection of human psychology and biology. I am involved in research projects that evaluate the contribution of psychological phenomena (particularly chronic stress), brain activity and function, and how these translate to changes in physical health, immunity and wellbeing.


More publications from Dr. Rachel Sumner can be found in the Research Repository.

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Hemispheric lateralisation


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