Staff Profiles: Dr. Alexandra Sandham

Dr. Alexandra Sandham

Staff Profile: Dr. Alexandra Sandham
Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Dr. Alexandra Sandham

Dr. Alexandra Sandham

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Psychological Sciences

I could have chosen a more direct path to becoming an academic, but I hugely enjoyed the journey and hope that now I have eventually got here, that I can use my experiences on the road as a source of inspiration.


I came to the University of Gloucestershire in September 2017 as a Senior Lecturer. Prior to that I worked for 5 years as a Principal Psychologist at the Ministry of Defence. During my time at the MoD I was involved in a number of projects looking at subjects such as: the attacks on UK forces by partner forces; cyber psychology specifically trust online; searching at airports; and investigative reasoning in a digital forensic context. I completed my PhD in Investigative Reasoning at Lancaster University and whilst undertaking my PhD I worked as a Research Associate on 3 projects looking at detecting deception in airport and office settings.


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Hypothesis Generation in Investigative Contexts Lancaster University 2012
MRes Design & Evaluation of Advanced Interactive Systems Lancaster University 2004
BSc Psychology Open University, UK 1998

Membership of professional bodies

CSci, CPsychol, AFBPsS

Teaching and research


Quantitative Research Methods

BSc. Criminology & Psychology

MSc. Forensic Psychology


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


Alex’s primary research area is within the fields of investigative reasoning and she specifically interested in the heuristics and biases that influence an investigator's ability to think and reason when faced with uncertain evidence. Her work for the MoD is not in the public arena however she has been published with colleagues looking at the detection of deception with a specific focus on the manipulation of investigative interviewing techniques. Alex is currently carrying out research with colleagues at UoG looking at team situational awareness and the factors underpinning decision making and is also hoping to continue her work in digital forensic investigations forward.