Staff Profiles: Dr. Francesco Pompedda


Staff Profile: Dr. Francesco Pompedda
Lecturer in Forensic Psychology


Dr. Francesco Pompedda

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Psychological Sciences

I am a psychologist specialised in forensic psychology. I like facts (data) over words. My research interests are in the area of investigative interviews of children, and I have developed a simulator for investigative interviews of children that employs avatars and response algorithms.


I came to the University of Gloucestershire in September 2018. I started my journey in Italy where I received a bachelor degree in psychology and a masters degree in criminal and investigative psychology. After that, I moved to Finland where I received my Ph.D. from Abo Akademi University. Towards the end of my Ph.D. I moved to Sweden where I collaborated with the CLIP group at the University of Gothenburg. I have presented in several international conferences, taught master level courses on forensic psychology, and short courses in investigative interviews of children in Italy and for the United Nations (UNICRI).


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Psychology (Forensic Psychology) Abo Akademi University, Finland 2018
MSc Criminal and Investigative Psychology University of Turin 2013
BSc Psychology University of Cagliari 2010


Best student research. 10th Annual Conference of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRG), Monterey, California, USA. 2017

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International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRG)

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Quantitative Research Methods

BSc. Criminology & Psychology

MSc. Forensic Psychology


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


My primary research area is within the field of training in investigative interviews of child sexual abuse. I have developed and tested a training software that employs avatars and response algorithms. The software aims to train interviewers how to interview children following evidence-based recommendations. The development of this program resulted in different international collaborations. I am collaborating with the Estonian and Japanese police to test the software in real cases. Another project in Sweden is aimed to evaluate the effects of hypothesis testing in CSA cases. I am collaborating with NYU (Shanghai) in a project designed to test the effects of a Chinese version of the software. The training software is available in seven languages (Japanese, Estonian, Icelandic, Finnish, Italian, German, English), with a Chinese and a Swedish version in production.

My research interests can be summarised in these broad topics: Investigative interviews, deep learning algorithms, pedagogical techniques aimed at improve learning, deception detection, investigations in child sexual abuse, hypothesis testing in investigations, use of VR, serious gaming, augment reality within a forensic research topic. If you are interested in doing a PhD or collaborate with me, please feel free to contact me.


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