Staff Profiles: Debby Sargent

Debby Sargent

Staff Profile: Debby Sargent
Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning

Debby Sargent

Debby Sargent

Lecturer in Strength and Conditioning

Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences

I am excited and fascinated by the field of strength and conditioning. Understanding how to create training programmes to optimise athletic performance , promote recovery and mitigate against injury, is what interests me.


After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Sport & Exercise I pursued a career in performance sport that involved strength & conditioning coaching, academic teaching and performance management. My role at the University of Gloucestershire enables me to combine a desire to continue coaching world class performers, support strength & conditioning coaches of the future and fulfil a passion for gaining a deeper understanding of training principles and application. The broad range of staff expertise in the Sport and Exercise Department provides me with an inspiring and creative environment to work.


Award Title Institution Date
BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science University of Birmingham 1992
MSc Exercise and Health Science University of Bristol 2001
PGDip Strength & Conditioning University of Edinburgh 2011


UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach 2006

UKSCA Tutor Trainer & Assessor, 2008

Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support 2018

Membership of professional bodies

UKSCA UK Strength and Conditioning Association

Teaching and research


I currently teach across all elements of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Strength & Conditioning programmes, plus I have contributed to the wider Sport & Exercise Community that incorporate aspects of athletic development (e.g., Sports Therapy & Sport & Exercise Science).


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


I am interested in both the 'what' and 'how' to coach female athletes to optimise their performance - in particular how the menstrual cycle specifically can impact on training adaptation and the training environment.

External responsibilities

I am heavily involved with the UKSCA, the national governing body for Strength and Conditioning, both as a Trainer and Assessor, but also in the development of their education programme. I have also worked with a number of other National Governing Bodies and Institutes of sport in the delivery of strength and conditioning services, including coaching and coach education.

Subjects for media interviews

Strength and Conditioning of the female athlete.

Trying to address the sex imbalance within S & C and get more females entering the discipline.

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