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Care Leadership and Management

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Developed by carers for carers, to build capacity and resilience in a way that enhances service quality and achieves greater competitiveness.

Advances in modern medicine have resulted in us living longer - but with rising life expectancy comes an aging population and increasingly complex care needs.

Immediate wins

Through our expert teaching, your staff will reflect upon their role in ensuring how care services and staff can be better coordinated and managed. Their current approaches and practices will be challenged, with an emphasis on the continuous improvement of service quality and efficiency.

Learning is centred around the apprentice’s experience and working practices. Through the application of their learning they will have opportunities to drive innovation and deliver improvements within your business from day one – so the gains for you and your service users will be immediate.

Assignments that tackle real world scenarios are a key component of this course. Your staff will have opportunities to develop effective solutions to the challenges that your organisation faces, as well as to demonstrate skills in managing staff, co-ordinating services, team-working, negotiation and decision-making.

Apprentice job roles

Care leadership apprentices will typically be:

  • Senior workers
  • Shift leaders
  • Care co-ordinators
  • Managers.

This is a level 5 apprenticeship, meaning the level of study is the equivalent to a traditional undergraduate degree. As such, some apprentices will be new to a care leadership role, while others will be established professionals looking to develop their skills as part of their career progression.

Embedding our higher apprenticeships into your staff development offer will not only make your organisation more attractive to new recruits, it will also help you to retain the best people you already have.

Development commitment

This apprenticeship lasts 12 months and consists of the equivalent of one day per week at university, combined with at least 30 hours of employment. In order to provide flexible learning options, programmes are developed to suit the individual needs of employers and learners, so we would work with you to develop a bespoke programme of study for your staff.

Assessment is by assignments, which are centred around the learner’s workplace and informed by their role and responsibilities. Moreover, we would develop a programme of mentoring in partnership with you, to help you get the best out of both the apprentice and the apprenticeship. .

Funding opportunities

There is currently funding available to support this programme, meaning that your business could pay as little as 50% of the cost. Call us on 01242 715400 or email to find out more.