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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Benefit from the fresh thinking of the brightest minds and improve your competitiveness through innovation.

A tried and tested formula

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a government-funded scheme which places high-quality graduates in companies of all sizes, or in not-for-profit organisations. The graduates undertake projects of strategic importance to the organisation.

Here at the University of Gloucestershire, the scheme it is helping us to connect with our local business community.

KTP projects can cover any important business issue where an organisation needs an injection of knowledge and expertise. The length of the project can be between six months and three years but the usual length of time is two years.

How do they work?

A graduate - often with several years of industry experience - is recruited by the university to work in the organisation under the day-to-day supervision of a senior manager from the business. A university academic is also assigned to the project to provide support, supervision and specialist knowledge, and will make regular visits to the organisation.

Nationwide, there are around one thousand KTPs currently in operation - in fact the scheme is one of the UK's largest employers of recent graduates. The scheme has been running for more than 30 years and is a tried-and-tested formula for innovation and business development. It is administered and supported by the Technology Strategy Board.

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