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Coronavirus advice and statement

University students and staff

University students and staff should visit MyGlos and Staffnet for the latest advice relating to COVID-19:

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MyGlos: COVID-19 advice for current students (login required)

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Applicants: FAQs and guidance for students starting in 2022

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Staffnet: COVID-19 advice for staff (login required)

​​University Public Statement​​​

Updated 1 March 2022

We are proud that, since the pandemic started, our students and staff have supported each other, have looked after each other, and have behaved responsibly in helping the University to operate safely. We want to maintain that approach, all working together to keep everyone in our community safe.

On Campus Teaching

The vast majority of our scheduled teaching and learning activities is in person on campus in Cheltenham and Gloucester. This will continue in 2022/23.

We know that our students learn best, and enjoy their experience more, when they can be together and with their tutors and teaching staff. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of community and belonging here at University of Gloucestershire.

While we do have some specialist blended learning programmes (which are advertised as such), most of our students are on campus for the vast majority, if not all, of their learning activities.

Because of what we have learned in the pandemic so far, and the need to remain flexible, our plans include making continuing use of some of the online tools we’ve developed over the last 18 months. The University has a very good technology platform, and our staff have developed tools and techniques to use this to provide students with the best learning experience we possibly can.

Our open days and admission interviews are also here on campus, with online options for those unable to make it.

We will continue to closely follow the government guidance, and will provide firm updates to students and staff via our MyGlos and Staffnet platforms as they occur and if the situation changes. Students should check MyGlos regularly.

Living with COVID

The Government’s recent Living with COVID update represents a significant point of transition in which COVID ceases to have special treatment and special national rules, and becomes “normalised” as one virus/illness/condition amongst many.

This is the point at which we as individuals and a University community take responsibility for working out what we want to do, and the behaviours we want to adopt, to keep ourselves individually and collectively safe, while enabling the University to resume normal functioning, in the absence of any specific national requirements.

We believe it is right that we learn lessons from the pandemic in relation to how we approach infectious illness. We will therefore continue to encourage students and staff to act in a responsible way that is kind to other members of our community.

Although the legal restrictions are being removed, we know – and the Government continues to emphasise – that COVID has not gone away. It still poses significant risks, and therefore we should still take measures to protect ourselves and others. The measures we will keep in place, as advised by the Government, are:

  • Getting vaccinated, including boosters whenever you are eligible for them.  You can book a vaccination appointment on the NHS website.
  • Letting fresh air in if meeting indoors, or meet with others outside if feasible.  In our buildings on campus, this includes using mechanical ventilation where available or opening doors and windows.
  • Wearing a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces, especially where you come into contact with people you do not usually meet, when rates of transmission are high.
  • Trying to stay at home if you are unwell.
  • Taking a test if you have COVID-19 symptoms (while tests are available), and staying at home and avoiding contact with other people if you have recognisable COVID symptoms.
  • Washing your hands and following the general advice about colds, flu and similar viruses to ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it’.

As we navigate this new period in the pandemic, please be reassured that we will continue to keep up-to-date with the guidance and recommendations, and are ready to change our response should the Government make new announcements.