Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a growing sector, with the potential to change the way we live in the future to the same level as the introduction of electricity did. You will work with industry standard software such as Python, R, C#, C++, scikit-learn, tensorflow, pytorch, pandas, Unity, Visual Studio and Jupyter notebooks.

In this exciting and dynamic area, you’ll learn the skills of programming and mathematics necessary for a deep understanding of how these technologies can be successfully applied to solve real-world problems.

You will learn to create intelligent agents both within games and as games players. You will gain a deep understanding of data flows within organisations and systems, and how huge amounts of data can be engineered to produce knowledge.

You have the option to do a year’s paid work placement as part of your studies, where you will learn from industry leaders, pick up essential skills and expertise, and make a valuable contribution to your hosting organisation.

Various trips to conferences and events take place during the academic year and offer networking opportunities and the chance to broaden your knowledge of the area. You'll get to showcase your skills and demonstrate your achievements.

Within the University we host our own events to showcase the achievements of our students, including the COMX end of year show, where industry professionals visit to talent-scout for graduates looking to join industry.

Study style

Learning is achieved through undertaking practical work and assignments, rather than through long lectures.

Starting with the basics in your first year, you’ll soon move on to applying these skills to realistic problems. This is followed, potentially, by a placement year and practical application of all of your experience and skills in your final year.

Entry requirements


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  • Data Scientist
  • Games AI Developer
  • Robotics AI Programmer
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Industry links

You’ll be taught by experienced industry professionals who have worked and conducted research in their area of expertise.

We are supported by the UK’s Institute of Coding.

Real-world industry experience

Be taught by academics from an active artificial intelligence research community, with real-world industry experience.

Dedicated AI labs

Work in our dedicated specialist AI computer labs, with powerful graphics cards and processors for artificial intelligence algorithms.

Collaborative projects

Undertake collaborative projects with students across a broad range of courses, including Computer Games Programming, Engineering and Cyber Security.