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University Council

Academic Leadership Group

Last updated: 4 May 2021

Terms of Reference

The Academic Leadership Group (ALG) is responsible for the leadership and management of the University’s academic operations and the business of the academic Schools.  Its focus is on strategic issues of academic direction and the interface between the Executive and academic activity, including regular discussion led by the Dean of Academic Development.

 ALG is responsible for all matters associated with the development and management of the core academic activities of the University, including the development of academic collaborative partnerships.

 ALG will receive regular reports to provide information on key academic data at School and Subject Community level, such as enhancement-related activities.

In as far as they relate to academic activities, ALG may consider the University Risk Register and internal audit reports.

Decisions normally taken by University Executive Committee (UEC) may be taken at ALG with the consent of the designated Chair of UEC and providing a quorate group of UEC members is present.

Nothing in any of the foregoing responsibilities should be interpreted as removing the authority given in the Articles of Association, either directly or indirectly, to the Council, Academic Board, and the Executive Group (UEC).

Frequency of Meetings

Normally every two weeks (alternating with University Executive Committee)


ALG is a sub-committee of UEC.

Current Sub-Committees



ALG maintains a single schedule of business with the University Executive Committee (UEC) and is a sub committee to UEC.  The previous agenda of UEC is received at the subsequent meeting of ALG.

Availability of Minutes

A formal record of the conclusions and decisions, for relevant agenda items will be published internally, if not confidential.

Membership (see below)

The membership of ALG is ex officio and includes all members of the University Executive Committee plus all the Heads of Schools.




Deputy Vice-Chancellor


Executive Assistant, Vice-Chancellor’s Office


One half of the total membership of ALG, including one half of the University Executive Committee and one half of the Heads of Schools.


Vice-Chancellor (Chair)
Stephen Marston

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Vice-Chair)

Dean Academic Development
David James

University Secretary and Registrar
Matthew Andrews

Chief Financial Officer
Camille Stallard

Heads of Schools:

Angus Pryor, Arts
Dominic Page, Business and Technology
Kamal Bechkoum, Computing and Engineering
Graham Parton, Education and Humanities
Lorraine Dixon, Health and Social Care
Anne Dawson, Media
Dr Caroline Mills, Natural and Social Science
Prof David James (interim), Sport and Exercise

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