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BSc Nursing (Mental Health) admissions guide 2021

Last updated: 16 February 2023

Checklist of conditions of entry

Suitability self-declaration formIf you did not complete and return this form during your interview, please complete fully and upload to your Student Portal at the point of accepting your offer
Immunisations Record

Medical history – Online Health Questionnaire
Once you have accepted your offer apply to your GP for your immunisations transcript and upload with your online Health Questionnaire or email

Once you have accepted your offer, complete the online Health Questionnaire sent by Workingwell
DBS clearanceApply online via GBG website
Applicants who are already registered with the DBS Update Service onlyEmail your full certificate to
Applicants who have lived or worked abroad in the last five years onlyApply for a Certificate of Good Conduct and once received upload certificate to your Student Portal.
Relevant academic qualifications (eg GCSE Maths, English, Science and degree)If you did not bring proof of your academic qualifications to interview please upload them to your Student Portal

Congratulations on your successful interview and for receiving your offer from the University of Gloucestershire.

Look out for official confirmation of the conditions of your offer via UCAS track.
Accepting your offer
Please visit UCAS Track to confirm your place with us.
Please feel free to call us on 03330 141414 if you have any questions – our advisers are always happy to help.

Meeting conditions of your offer

Once you have accepted your offer, please complete the relevant forms and take steps to ensure you meet the conditions of your offer as soon as possible. Some checks may take several weeks, so please complete these now and it will help prevent any delays in your enrolment, gaining access to student finance and university resources.

If for any reason, you feel there may be potential delays in achieving the conditions of your offer please let us know so we can support you with anything that may affect your eligibity to enrol. You can contact us either by phone on 03330 141414 or email us via

Start date: September 2021*
Must meet conditions by: Monday 30 August 2021

*to be confirmed with the except of A-level and degree results

Conditions of Offer

All applicants for the BSc Nursing (Mental Health) course are required to meet the following conditions of offer:
1. The university suitability self-declaration
If you did not complete and return this form during your interview you MUST complete a suitability for nursing self-declaration form. For each ‘YES’ answer you tick, you will need to provide a detailed account of the circumstances. You may attach and sign an additional sheet if more space is required. It is important that you SIGN and DATE the back of the form to validate its authenticity. Once fully completed please scan the document and upload to your Student Portal.
2. The medical history – Online health questionnaire
You will be contacted directly by email, once you have firmly accepted your offer, with all the necessary information and instructions on how to complete the Online Health Questionnaire. This should be completed immediately.

Workingwell will require applicants to request from their GP a transcript of their immunisations, which you can either upload when completing the above questionnaire or email directly to

3. Confirmation of relevant academic qualifications
If you did not bring proof of your academic qualifications to the interview, you will need to upload the following certificates to the Student Portal:

– GCSE Mathematics or equivalent
– GCSE English (English Language) or equivalent
– any relevant Level 3 qualifications (including AS/A Level), Level 4, and/or Access to Higher Education Certificate.

If you do not have access to your certificates, it is your responsibility to obtain duplicate certificates from the relevant Examination Board. If that is not possible, you should request signed and date verification of your awards and grades from the school/institution where you took the examinations. Please note: ‘provisional’ statements of results may be noted for interview purposes, but you will need to provide confirmed results/certificates in order to meet conditions of entry prior to course start dates.

For those applicants pending completion of the results of their qualifications, please check with the award provider when your results will be due, and keep us informed of the date you expect to receive
them. Otherwise please upload evidence of your qualification as soon as it becomes available (normally an academic transcript, certificate or letter from the institution concerned).

4. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance/safeguarding checks
As soon as you have accepted your offer, you should register online via the GBG website ( for an Enhanced DBS. This is to ensure there are no records that may deem you unsuitable for a career in Nursing.

You will need the university’s Pin Code and Secret Word to log on to the site:
Pincode: 107478
Secret word: happydays
Once you have completed the DBS online application form, you will then need to visit a designated Post Office (see GBG website for details (

The University of Gloucestershire regrets that it cannot accept liability for the costs of student DBS clearance checks. You will need to pay the cost of your Enhanced DBS through the GBG website once your documents have been verified. The cost is currently £54.40 for the check and there is an additional charge at the Post Office for the documents to be verified.

Students joining Health and Social Care courses are required to join the Update Service. The annual cost for this is currently £13.00 and you can register for this service as soon as you have your DBS application form reference number. You can ask for the number when you apply for your DBS check, or you can wait and register with your certificate number when you receive your DBS certificate. BUT you must do so within 30 days of your certificate being issued.

Having a criminal record will not always prevent you from studying at the university, this will depend on the nature of the position, and the circumstances and background of the offence. More information about the university DBS procedures may be found at our website.

Information about the Disclosure and Barring Service may be found here:

Unless you are in the DBS Update Service, a previous DBS clearance will not cover you for your course of study at University of Gloucestershire. You must apply for a new check for every new employer/institution.
The checking process may take several weeks so it is important to apply early. If you do not receive your enhanced disclosure certificate within 60 days, please contact the DBS to check the status of your disclosure. Once you receive your certificate, please email so that we can confirm your status online. There is no need to upload your certificate.
If you are in the DBS Update Service, you should email your DBS certificate to so that we can ensure you have been cleared against the relevant barred lists and can use your certificate number to check the status of your record online.

Additional safeguarding checks
Applicants who have been living/working abroad at any point in the last five years will require additional safeguarding checks. The DBS website has a list of countries and contact details where Certificates of Good Conduct/security check can be obtained:

Withdrawing/deferring your place
If for any reason you decide that you do not wish to take up your place with the University of Gloucestershire, please contact as early as possible.
It is possible to defer your place by one year, but only if you meet all the conditions of entry before the course starts and agree to update your DBS and medical clearance the following year prior to the new intended course start. If you think you may need to defer, please contact
Student Portal
Your password is the word ‘Student’ followed by your date of birth in the format StudentDDMMYYYY.
– Step 1
Open the password Self-Service Portal
– Step 2
Select ‘Register for forgotten password reset’, register a mobile phone number for automated password recovery and account unlock.
– Step 3
Close your browser
– Step 4
Read and accept the university’s IT Acceptable Use Policy
– Step 5
Open a new browser, please click Applicant Portal ( to log in to the student portal.
– Step 6
Log in with your new password.

If you are uable to access the portal, please contact IT and Library Helpdesk

As soon as Admissions staff have checked the documents you have uploaded, they will update the status to confirm the condition has been met, or contact you with any queries.

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