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University Council

Council and Foundation standing group

Last updated: 14 January 2021

Terms of Reference

  1. To provide a close and ongoing link between the Foundation and the Council, and to oversee those aspects of the University’s mission and objects relating to its Anglican identity.
  1. To ensure that the University continues to work towards the following goal: “As a University, our goal is to provide an environment which is respectful of faith; a place where debate is fostered and in which people of all faiths and none feel comfortable in expressing their convictions within the law, without fear of discrimination or ridicule; a place which provides opportunities for individuals who so wish to explore, deepen and express their faith; and which promotes awareness of the historical, intellectual and cultural significance of faith (particularly the Christian Faith) for the University and our society. As a University, we are, and should always be, a place that values open and honest debate about fundamental issues, and that sustains the pursuit of knowledge, insight and truth – including in relation to faith and religion.
    It is not a corporate objective of the University as an organisation to seek to proselytise, although the Foundation and the Chaplaincy do uphold and promote the Christian faith. As a University, we do not want our Anglican identity to be a cause of division or exclusion but want it to be a source of strength, and a distinctive characteristic and asset for the University.”
  2. To identify ways for the Foundation Fellows to support the University in achieving its goal as outlined in point 2.
  3. To review work undertaken and to suggest other areas of activity to maintain the Anglican identity of the University.
  4. To ensure actions and decisions are consistent with the University’s Articles of Association.
  5. To report annually to Council on the work of the Group.

Specific Policy Responsibilities
No specific policy responsibilities

Specific Responsibility for Review of University Area of Activity
To ensure the continued Anglican identity of the University and to maintain the link between Council and the Foundation.

Mode of Operation
Chair: Member of Council
Vice Chair: President of the Foundation
Officer: University Secretary and Registrar

See after membership

Terms of Office:
Staff and Foundation representatives: 3 years in the first instance
Student representatives: 1 year in the first instance Representatives may be appointed for more than one term.

Frequency of Meetings
Twice per year

Reporting Line
University Council

Current Sub-Committees

Submission /Availability of Minutes
Minutes are held by the University Secretary and Registrar, and published on the University website.

MembershipAppointment Dates
3 members of Council
(to include the Vice-Chancellor)
Stephen Marston
Rt Revd Robert Springett (Chair)
Jun 16 – Jun 24
3 representatives from the
Foundation including the President
(usually drawn from the Fellows’
Executive Committee)
Dr Carole Baker
Ian Davies
Dr Philip Giddings (Vice-Chair)
(the process to identify a new
Chair of the Fellows is underway)
Jun 13 – Jun 22
Jun 13 – Jun 22
May 17 – May 20
3 staff representatives
Steve Bullock
Dr Adrian Long
Mary Rawson
Nov 18 – Nov 21
Apr 20 – Apr 23
Apr 20 – Apr 23
3 student representatives
(usually to include representation
from the Christian Union)
John Smitheram
Gemma Mainwaring
Louis Ndekha
Jun 19 –Jun 20
Jun 19 – Jun 20
July 18 – Jul 20
Two representatives of Gloucester
Revd Canon Dr Andrew Braddock
Rachel Howie
Nov 16 – Nov 22
May 19 – Apr 22
Chaplaincy representative
(usually the University Chaplain)
Revd Simon Witcombe
Co-opted Member
Revd Dr Mike Parsons
Sept 19 – Aug 22

The Committee shall be quorate when at least two members from each of category 1 and 2 listed above, including either the Chair or Vice-Chair, are present. Where the Committee is, or becomes during the meeting, inquorate, Council will be informed of these circumstances at its next meeting. The Committee Chair shall decide whether:
a. to adjourn with immediate effect with a Special Meeting being summoned as soon as conveniently it may be or,
b. to continue to conduct business with decisions only being agreed by correspondence

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