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ePAD, End of Placement & OAR – Staff

Last updated: 12 March 2024

Final Interview

When your student has come to the end of their placement, you will need to complete the Final Interview. When you conduct your final interview with your student you should first review the Action Plan – click here for the guide and assess any outstanding actions. Your student must complete their section of the final interview before you are able to complete and finalise your section of the ePAD.

Once your student has completed their section of the final interview in the ePAD you will receive an email link to access your student’s final interview in their ePAD. If you do not receive the email link, you can log in using your username and password, click here for the guide to log into the ePAD with your password. If logging in with your username and password, you will need to first select your student, then click on your placement in the list to be able to access the final interview section.

Once you have accessed the correct part of the ePAD you need to assess your student’s professional values. This follows the same procedure as in the Mid-Point Interview and you will see the Mid-Point entries to help you with your assessment.

You need to access all four categories of professional values and asses your student as having either achieved or not achieved each value by selecting yes or no at the end of the row. Please add an action plan for any values that have not been achieved, this can be done at the bottom of the screen by clicking on Create New Action. All professional values must be passed to for your student to successfully pass their placement.

Once you have completed your assessment of your student’s professional values, you can scroll down the page and review your student’s comments before adding your own comments.

You then need to add any learning and development needs and save and verify the final interview. If you want to save your work and come back to it later, you can click “Save for Later” and then log out of the ePAD.

OAR – Ongoing Achievement Record

After the final interview is complete, you need to complete the OAR. The best time to do this is straight after completing the Final Interview. If you are completing this at a different time, you will need to log into the ePAD using your username and password and select your student as outlined in this guide.
To launch OAR page, click on the three bars menu at the top left of the screen and then click OAR from the bottom of the drop-down menu.

You first need to select your placement – in the example above, placements are listed as Placement 1 and Placement 2 – when you view your students ePAD you will see the name of your placement listed along with the placement dates e.g.

When you select the placement name you will see a box to add your overall comments on the student’s strengths and areas for development, and several questions to answer. You will need to state if your student has achieved all the professional values and if they have achieved, not achieved or not attempted the Episodes of care and the medicines management tasks. Please note, students must have achieved all professional value in each placement and must have completed all Episodes of Care and the Medicines Management by the end of the last placement of the part (year) to pass the part. If any of these are missing at the end of the last placement of the part, please ask your student to complete them to avoid failing the part.

Once you have completed this section you can Save & Submit the OAR.

OAR For the second placement of the part

If you are completing the OAR for the second placement of the part (year) you need to scroll down the page and select the End of Part link.
This will now ask you to confirm that the student has completed the Episodes of Care and the Medicines Management. Once you have selected yes or now to these questions, please click Save and Submit. You may now safely close the ePAD.

OAR for the Final Placement.

If you are completing the OAR for the student’s final placement of their course, you need to scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the End of Programme section. Once you have answered the questions, please click Save and Submit and you may now safely close the ePAD.

Frequently asked questions

A list of Frequently Asked Questions can be found here.

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