Small changes make a big difference

 Congratulations on receiving your offer to study at University of Gloucestershire. We hope you enjoy using your reusable straw and bring it with you, to use on campus or in halls.

Published: 27/07/2020 10:08
Last updated: 30/07/2020 11:47


Toast your success using your new straw

Whether it's a mojito or a milkshake, share your celebratory pic and inspire others to make small changes.



​Small changes make a big difference​

UK's No 1 Sustainable University

People & Planet 2019

Reusable straws are just one of the many ways you can help make a big difference at UoG, and contribute to our title as the UK’s No 1 Sustainable University (People & Planet 2019).

Live Smart

This is a student-led initiative to help you live in ways that benefit your wellbeing, finances, local community and the planet. Our students have put together a list of the top 10 small things you can do, to make a big difference while you’re here:

1. Cook with your flatmates

Save on the food, and energy. Look out for each other

2. Re-use and upcycle

Re-think your room decorations - Pinterest for inspiration!

3. Invest in a bike

Cheaper, quicker, and healthier than the bus.

4. Be a part-time carnivore

Try a meat-free day a few times a week​​​

5. Check the charity shops

Bag the fashionable finds, reduce waste, support a good cause.

6. If it’s broken, get it fixed

Visit the Cheltenham repair café.

7. Grab yourself a clothes horse

Cheaper than the tumble dryer and better for your clothes too.

8. Batch cook and freeze

Reduce waste and save with the bulk buys.​​​

9. Think. Do you really need it?

Reduce waste, buy things that last longer, share with friends.

10. Love your leftovers

Wasted food is wasted money. Visit Love Food Hate Waste to save.​

As well as tips, Live Smart also offers events and practical challenges you can get involved with. For more info visit our blog.

Green Team Society

Join a community of inspiring students at the forefront of change. They’ve delivered speeches to local government, produced on-campus campaigns and initiatives, and led a climate strike. They also produce lots of inspirational videos about how you can help the planet in small everyday ways.

Future-focused degrees

We’re embedding sustainability across all our degrees, from zero-carbon festivals and recycled plastic art, to our graduates on the front line – defending rhinos and coral reefs for future generations.

Research with impact

Our students, staff and alumni are at the forefront of change, conducting ground-breaking research and designing sustainable spaces for the future. That’s why we’re winners of the Research with Impact Award (Green Gown Awards 2019).

Make your university experience world-changing

You’re joining a community with sustainability at its heart. This is not just about greening the campus, but developing new ways of thinking, learning and working to shape a better future for people and the planet.

Zero fossil fuel investments

Zero waste to landfill

46% drop in our carbon emissions​