Staff Profiles: Dr. Jun Zhang

Dr. Jun Zhang

Staff Profile: Dr. Jun Zhang
Senior Lecturer in International Management and Trade

Dr. Jun Zhang

Dr. Jun Zhang

Senior Lecturer in International Management and Trade

Business and Enterprise Management

International business is exciting and rewarding, however, it is very risky too. Jun's knowledge of cross-cultural management has helped British expatriate managers to avoid culture shock at pre-transferral stage prior to their movement to China.


Dr Jun Zhang has conducted empirical research in business ethics in China and investigating the ethical challenges faced by British MNCs when operating in China.

I am keen to help businesses from China and the UK to understand each other's cultures, values and customs for the purpose of successfully doing business and working together. For this purpose, UK China Link has been created.

I am very motivated to engage with businesses for collaborative work which can benefit both parties.


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Ethical Decision-Making: An Exploratory Study on British and Chinese Manager Behaviour University of Glamorgan 2010
PGCAP Academic Practice HEA 2015
MBA Business Administration University of Glamorgan 2002


Winner of the 2017 Staff Awards for 'The Best Practice in Promoting Diversity and Equality'.

Winner of the 2016 Staff Awards for 'Partnership and Community'.

Finalist of the 2017 Student-led Awards for 'The Most Engaging Module'.

Membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching and research


Cultural Issues in Management

Cultural Issues in International Marketing

The Context of International Business

Managing Corporate Responsibility

MBA modules

Dissertation supervision


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


Ethical behaviour in decision-making

Cross-cutlural studies