Staff Profiles: Nat Goodden

Nat Goodden

Staff Profile: Nat Goodden
Research Supervisor

Nat Goodden

Nat Goodden

Research Supervisor


I’ve exhibited my installational and digital work at leading London galleries and internationally and have been closely involved with artist-run spaces in the UK and abroad. At the university, I supervise individual research projects.


I became an artist as a way of linking my passions for ideas and making. Seeing art as a way of asking questions has been key to my work as educator, researcher and studio practitioner. With a background in sculpture and installation, I always say I make situations, not things. I’ve been lucky to have worked with pioneers of the artist-run space, people with a vision who made an important difference to cultural practice. Art has no rules and never stands still – I still love that.


Award Title Institution Date
BA (Hons) Sculpture St Martin's School of Art 1969
MA Electronic Arts Middlesex University 1995

Teaching and research


With previous extensive experience of teaching on and leading BA and MA Fine Art programmes, Nat now focuses on the supervision of individual research projects, most of them practice-led – MA by Research, MPhil, and PhD.




1: The development of situations in which the processes of perception and cognition can be examined in clear yet nuanced ways.

2: The online mapping of cultural connectivity (Who Knew Whom project).

3: Academic interests include the relations of art and technology; contemporary installational practice; the sculptural role of ‘immaterial’ media.


Completed Supervisions