Staff Profiles: Ben Wardle

Ben Wardle

Staff Profile: Ben Wardle
Lecturer in Music Business

Ben Wardle

Ben Wardle

Lecturer in Music Business

Music and Media

As A&R manager, music journalist and presenter, Ben has worked in the music business over the 30 years. From overseeing the career of platinum-selling Sleeper to writing bestselling The Art Of The LP, Ben has a unique industry perspective.


Starting his career as a talent scout for Warner and discovering Ride, Ben used that experience to establish indie boutique label Indolent within major BMG. After success with Sleeper, the Wannadies and Stephen Duffy, he left to set up Damien Hurst’s record label, then established himself as a journalist and music editor with AOL Music. He currently writes for various music magazines and writes and presents for the BBC’s Front Row.


Award Title Institution Date
BA (Hons) German Manchester University 1988
PGCert Education University of East London 2012
PGCAP Academic Practice University of Gloucestershire 2019

Teaching and research


I focus on music business areas including Law, Copyright and Marketing as a well as Management, Copywriting and the final year Research Project. In all these areas I focus on making sure that my students get a good grounding in the industry they have chosen to work in but also develop exceptional written and verbal communication skills.




I’m currently researching alternatives to the album as the future central core of the recording business.

External responsibilities

I am currently working three days a week at UoG which leaves me enough time for my research as well as writing for music magazines and teaching part time on various other educational establishments.

I am personal tutor for a number of first and second year students.

Subjects for media interviews



Album artwork

Teaching music business

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