Staff Profiles: Dean Humphreys

Dean Humphreys

Staff Profile: Dean Humphreys
Senior Film Production Lecturer

Dean Humphreys

Dean Humphreys

Senior Film Production Lecturer

Film and Television

Absurdly lucky to have worked in the Film and TV industry with some remarkable people who have made it challenging, interesting and great fun.


Dean has worked on over 250 movies, 30 TV dramas, numerous documentaries and short films. And mind numbingly boring commercials - the pay may be good but it's death by a thousand cuts. Working in a creative industry with interesting, challenging and, sometimes, difficult people and having a part of your work in the finished film is wonderful. And you get paid to do something that you're lucky to be doing and you enjoy so much. Dean has been fortunate to have worked in numerous countries and meet some extraordinary people who he has formed lifelong friendships with. It's the best industry in the world.


C├ęsar for 'The Pianist'

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AMPAS (Association of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)

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