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Vanessa Bewley

Senior Lecturer in Television Production

I am a Television Producer with over 20 years experience in the industry. My most recent credits include Channel 4's award winning 'One Born Every Minute' and ITV1's 'Tipping Point'. Chevron icon


I graduated from The University of Exeter in 1993 with a degree in Drama. I went on to be a Presenter for Children’s ITV. After a short period as an Assistant Producer for entertainment shows such as BBC’s ‘The Bachelor’ and ITV1’s ‘Catchphrase’ I became a Producer/Director. My first directing credit was for ITV1’s ‘Poor Little Rich Girls’. Other career highlights include ‘The Truth About Binge Drinking’, a 90 minute documentary for ITV1, and Channel 4’s ‘Wife Swap’. I also spent 5 years as a Senior Producer on Channel 4’s award winning, gameshow, ‘Deal or No Deal’.

Alongside lecturing at The University of Gloucestershire I still produce shows for network television. I feel that remaining industry current is really important and I love sharing my experiences with the students. I use my contacts to enhance the student experience, arranging trips and masterclasses with industry professionals.

In 2018 I was voted the ‘Most Inspiring Lecturer’ by the students as part of the Staff Awards. This meant the world to me and I would say was one of my proudest moments to date.


  • BA (Hons): DraMA: University of Exeter, 1993


Student Led Staff Awards – Most Inspiring Lecturer 2018

Teaching & Research


I teach modules in Documentary Production, The Television Studio and Work Experience. I am also the Enhancement Lead, this role includes arranging trips to TV studios, masterclasses with professionals and linking the course to the Television Industry.