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Stop the Heartbreak

A campaign to promote screening for cardiac abnormalities in young people.

What is ‘Stop the heartbreak?’

The Stop the Heartbreak campaign was launched by The Citizen (Gloucestershire Media) in 2013 following a number of tragic incidents where youngsters from Gloucestershire died suddenly of cardiac issues. When footballer Fabrice Muamba suffered a cardiac arrest on the football pitch in 2012, it was widely reported. These cases are not isolated locally or nationally.

The Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) charity raise awareness of cardiac abnormalities which can affect young people and offer a simple screening process to help detect potential problems. CRY provide the screening for the university’s Stop the Heartbreak campaign.

Last year’s event was a huge success with Sir Steve Redgrave, Dr Ann Redgrave CBE, Jamie MacDonald and Kevin Brady kindly supporting the event, giving talks and meeting visitors to the celebration of Sport and Physical Activity which was held over the two days.

The University of Gloucestershire’s Stop the Heartbreak campaign has four main aims:

  1. To promote and provide cardiac screening testing for young people around the county
  2. Fundraise to provide cardiac screening across the county
  3. Provide students with opportunities for real-world fundraising and project and event management experiences
  4. Raise awareness of cardiac issues and heart health, including the importance of defibrillators in sporting and community venues.

Cardiac screening dates

The next screening event is scheduled to be held at Oxstalls Campus in April 2022. Unfortunately due to restrictions arising from Covid we haven’t been able to offer screening in 2019 or in 2020.

How to book a screening place

It is necessary to pre-book the screening. The session takes about 45 minutes and is free. For more information on the details of the actual screening procedures, please visit the CRY website.

Why does the University of Gloucestershire have a Stop the Heartbreak campaign?

Diane Crone, Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Gloucestershire. The University are committed to the health and wellbeing of young people in the county who live, study or work in the county. Many young people have undiagnosed cardiac abnormalities which, undetected, to can fatal consequences. We are dedicated to raising money and promoting heart health generally to try to raise awareness of these issues, and to provide more young people with the opportunity to be screened to detect these anomalies.

Diane Crone, Professor of Exercise Science at the University who leads the campaign for the University said: “Cardiac conditions in the young can be devastating for those that experience them and these screening events can help identify young people in the county who have these problems and then have support to manage them in the future. Together with the Stop the Heartbreak Event Management Team (students studying at the University) we organise fundraising events including a large scale family fun day where people can do all sorts of sport and physical activity for fun. These events and the campaign help raise the profile of the importance of cardiac screening and heart health within the county.”


The cost for the CRY Mobile Cardiac Screening Service is £5,000 per day and they can screen 100 people per day. It is hoped that money can be raised locally to provide the screening days to be available for free. To get involved with the campaign please email, or to donate, visit the Stop the Heartbreak JustGiving page, or the Forest of Dean Stop the Heartbreak JustGiving page.