Staff Profiles: Dr. Emily Ryall

Dr. Emily Ryall

Staff Profile: Dr. Emily Ryall
Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy of Sport and Exercise

Dr. Emily Ryall

Dr. Emily Ryall

Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy of Sport and Exercise

Applied Sport and Exercise Sciences

I love thinking deeply about sport and so am honoured to be able to share my passion teaching. There are always lots of interesting philosophical questions about sport, e.g. should drugs ever be allowed?


As a philosopher by training, I teach across a range of sports courses and on a range of issues, from sports ethics, to the philosophy of science, to critical thinking and the logic of arguments.

I enjoy wrestling with the deep and difficult questions about sport. What is good sport? What do we want it to look like? How do we ensure it is fair and competitive? What part does it play in a good life?


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Moral Philosophy De Montfort University 2005
MA Social Philosophy UEA 1999
PGCE Physical Education UWIC 2002
BA (Hons) Philosophy and Linguistics UEA 1998

Teaching and research


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


Philosophical and ethical issues in sport.


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Thesis Supervision

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Subjects for media interviews

Ethical issues in sport

Philosophical issues in sport

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Professional positions

Associate Editor for Journal of the Philosophy of Sport

Former Book Reviews editor for Sport, Ethics and Philosophy

Former Chair of the British Philosophy of Sport Association (2013-15)

External examining

University of Chester