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Equity, diversity and inclusion

We are committed to being a community in which equity of opportunity is a reality for all applicants, students, staff, prospective staff and students, and Council.

In addition to building a sense of community within the university, we are supporting positive links with local communities.

Our vision for equity, diversity and inclusion:

“To create an inclusive University where everyone is treated fairly and with respect, where we feel valued and have a sense of belonging; a culture where it is safe to speak up and speak out and where we are empowered to grow and realise our full potential.”

“Belonging”, Our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, 2022-27, encapsulates our focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion with ambitious objectives for change. It signals a deliberate move towards a fully integrated approach to equity, diversity, and inclusion where structures and systems are aligned, and inclusive behaviours are recognised and rewarded. It articulates a clear direction and vision for the university. Coming at a time of national and global spotlight on equity, diversity and inclusion generally, it is both relevant and important for University of Gloucestershire to strengthen its approach.

You can read the full Strategy here and a summary version in the link below.

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View our Gender Equality Plan here

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View the 2024 Inclusion Calendar

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Find out about our work to decolonise the curriculum.

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Find out about our work supporting sanctuary seekers.

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We are developing an inclusive culture, free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

Equality objectives

Our equality objectives set out within the Strategy, continue to be informed by our data, lived experiences of our students and staff, engagement with key stakeholders and build on our previous actions and achievements.

View our progress against previous objectives:

Our Equality and Diversity policy requires staff and students to behave in a non-discriminatory manner and treat each other with respect.

It sets out how the University of Gloucestershire is creating a positive environment in which students and staff are valued for their diverse contributions and provided with development and progression opportunities to reach their full potential.​​

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Clare Peterson, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager or Anna Hay, Head of Student Wellbeing.

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Student support

We offer a range of support services for students:

  • Student Services Department, Student Achievement Team and Helpzones on each campus
  • Chaplaincy, supporting students from all faiths or none
  • The Disability, Dyslexia and Learning Support Service
  • 24hr support with mental health and wellbeing via togetherall
  • Dedicated induction events for mature students
  • Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic + Network
  • The Students’ Union (SU) 
  • The LGBT+ Society
  • Dignity Advisers provide confidential support/advice

Staff support

We also offer a range of support services for staff:

  • Dedicated Dignity Advisers offer confidential support and advice
  • Occupational health (university staff only)
  • Employee Assistance Programme via Vivup
  • Support for mental health and wellbeing
  • A number of staff networks, including the Black Asian Minority Ethnic + Network, the Women’s Network, the Pride Network and the Neurodiversity Hub
  • Chaplaincy Team

Current staff can access further information on Staffnet (login required).

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Staff networks

Staff at University of Gloucestershire have access to a number of support networks.

Equality and diversity data

We are keen to collect as much equality data as we can, enabling us to build a rich picture of both our students and staff.

We make use of this data to improve student and staff experiences, to inform our equality impact assessments, to influence recruitment practices for students and staff and measure the impact and progress of our activities.

*This data is collated from the information available on the protected characteristics of students and staff at the University of Gloucestershire. The university has plans to increase the breadth of data published in future years increasing the range of information relating to other protected characteristics.

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Gender pay gap reporting

We are committed to advancing equality
and valuing diversity in all of its practices.

Policies and procedures

Legislation and guidance

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The Public Sector Equality Duty – The legal duties for England with specific implications for Higher Education Institutions


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Equality and Human Rights Commission – Promoting and monitoring human rights


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