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Academic Appeals and Student Complaints

Last updated: 28 July 2023

​Academic appeals and student complaints

The university’s procedures follow a set of formal guidelines to which students and staff of the university must adhere.

Academic appeals

Our appeals procedures are based on a set of assessm​ent principles.

Please note that academic appeals are not allowed on the grounds that in your view you should have been awarded a higher mark.

Appeals are considered only if they are based on the following grounds:

If you wish to submit an academic appeal please read the procedures below:

Student complaints

If you wish to submit a student complaint please read the procedures below:

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Group complaints consent form






If you have any questions regarding the academic appeals and student complaints processes, please view the frequently asked questions.

For further advice regarding academic appeals and student complaints please contact

For advice on dealing with matters relating to harassment or bullying please view the Student Harassment Procedures.

Public complaints

The University of Gloucestershire is committed to providing the highest level of service for its students and other members of the public who may have contact with the university, and it values feedback from individuals on their interactions with, and observations of, the institution. 

It is recognised that, on occasion, legitimate complaints may be raised by individuals in relation to services or facilities provided by the university. The institution takes complaints very seriously and acknowledges that lessons can be learnt from them, enabling the university to continue to improve and enhance the quality and effectiveness of its services.

To lodge a formal complaint you must:

If you wish to submit a public complaint please read the procedures below.

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