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Mature students

If you are aged 21 or over at the start of your studies, you are considered a mature student.

​​​​​​At University of Gloucestershire we welcome mature students for all courses. We value what your life experience brings to the learning environment.

If you are balancing family or job commitments alongside your studies or have any other concerns, we can offer you support and advice. Our student support team can offer guidance on a range of things including childcare choices, disability advice, mental health and wellbeing and can also offer counselling.

Find out more about student support.

“I’m a mature student who left education at 18 because I didn’t do great in my A levels and wasn’t confident with academics. I have done other qualifications since, that were relevant to the course I applied for, but I still didn’t actually have enough UCAS points.

I had a lot of life experience that was also relevant to the course. After coming in for an interview I was offered the place! It was all such a positive experience and even though I was a bit scared I felt supported throughout and was given plenty of advice and direction.”

Rhiannon, Mature student

How to apply as a mature student

We have more information about how to apply as a mature student.

Fees and funding for mature students

There are generally three main costs to consider when going to University: tuition fees; day to day living costs and costs associated with study such as books and travel. 

There are government loans available to pay fees and help with living costs which are repayable once you graduate and are earning a salary over a certain amount. You might get extra money on top of this, for example if you’re on a low income are disabled or have children.

Find out how much loan you could get by visiting the website, or contact our money advice service.

Accommodation for mature students

As a mature student you are eligible to stay in any of our halls of residence during any year of your studies. Our accommodation guarantee​ can guarantee accommodation for all students who meet a certain criteria.

We have a range of accommodation options across Cheltenham and Gloucester, including brand new halls of residence or private housing for relocating your family, so there is someone to suit everyone.

Find out more about accommodation

Your Future Plan

Through ‘Your future plan’ we will support you to be the best graduate you can be. All of our students have a personal tutor who will offer guidance on both your academic progress and your personal and professional development.

Identifying what you want to do today, tomorrow or after graduation isn’t always easy. We will help you assess where you are and where you want to go from your first year of study to your last. 

You’ll have access to a range of services including careers consultants, placement advisors, inspiring keynote speakers, personality and psychometric testing.

To get in touch, visit the Your Future Plan office at your campus and speak to one of our team, call 01242 714700 or email

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