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Governance and Structure

​​​​​The University Executive Committee is responsible for all matters associated with the development and management of the university.

Student charter

Last updated: 3 March 2021

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What can you expect from university?

Our Student Charter aims to:


We are committed to nurturing the holistic development of our students and staff – their academic, social, emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual well-being.


We pursue excellence in the generation of new knowledge and encourage creativity, fun and the exploration of truth.


We are dedicated to creating sustainable futures within a flourishing university.


We are responsive to the needs of all stakeholders and strive to enhance all aspects of our services to students, communities and the organisations that we work with.


We value each member of the university and are committed to relationships characterised by respect for the individual.


We promote a climate of trust and accountability underpinned by a commitment to open, honest and tr​ansparent communications.

This Charter outlines our commitment to providing a quality student experience, to support equality and diversity, and to building a strong sense of community within the University for our students. It also highlights our commitment to the sustainable development of the local communities of which we are part as well as playing an effective role in the wider sustainability agenda.

This charter has been developed in accordance with the recommendations from the Government’s ‘Student Charter Group’ that re​ported in January 2011, and in full partnership with the Students’ Union. The Student Charter is reviewed and approved annually by the University’s Academic Board.​​

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During the 2019/20 academic year the University took a range of steps to respond to the pandemic to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students and staff members including the issuing of continually updated guidance to the student community; making the decision to end face-to-face teaching and introduce extensive on-line methods of course delivery; ensuring that all assessments and exams were undertaken through on-line means; introducing more extensive cleaning regimes; and a range of other safety procedures on our campuses to ensure we kept our community safe.

We expect that disruption resulting from the pandemic will continue to affect University operations for much or all of the academic year 2020/21, particularly as a consequence of continuing Government requirements for social distancing. The ongoing commitments set out in following sections of this Charter must be read in the light of the exceptional circumstances created by the pandemic. In particular, while all of the commitments set out in this Charter will continue to apply throughout the Academic Year 2020/21, the way in which the University (or the Students’ Union) implement and deliver those commitments may have to be varied to meet ongoing Government restrictions.

In our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can expect the University:

The University has undertaken a major risk assessment exercise for all aspects of University and campus life ahead of the start of the new academic year in September 2020. To protect our community on campus once the academic year starts again, we will introduce a range of safety and increased hygiene measures, including and not limited to those listed below:

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

We expect you:

To engage with online teaching, learning and student services where provided as part of a blended programme.

In general​

You can expect:

We expect you:

Your studies​

You can expect from the University:

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

We expect you:

Your development​

You can expect from the University:

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

We expect you:

Your student life​

You can expect from the University:

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

We expect you:

Your views​

You can expect from the University:

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

We expect you:

Your concerns or difficulties​

You can expect from the University:

You can expect from the Students’ Union:

We expect you:

Further information and useful links​

There is an expectation that students will behave in accordance with our Student Code of Conduct, and that students should expect the University to invoke its investigatory/disciplinary procedures should any students breach the code.

More details on the content of this document and a wide range of further useful University information and student-related policies can be found on our Student Charter web-pages:

We hope that you find this Student Charter useful and relevant, and we would welcome your suggestions on how we could improve it. You can give such feedback either through your elected student representatives or by e-mail:

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