AD7604: Landscape Planning Studio


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AD7604: Landscape Planning Studio

Module Title Landscape Planning Studio
Module Code AD7604
Module Tutor David Buck
School School of Art and Design
CAT Points 30
Level of Study 7
Brief Description

This module enables the students to investigate and understand the legislative framework into which landscape at the strategic level operates. It provides the opportunity to examine the national debate surrounding housing demand, providing tools to understand current landscape planning and to propose an alternative settlement typology for the study site.

Indicative Syllabus
  1. The module aims to consider the wider role and contribution of Landscape Architects in shaping development led change and conservation in the landscape.
  2. This module aims to equip students with an appropriate level of knowledge of the theoretical background, planning policy framework and specific design techniques that are required to perform this role
  3. Students will explore settlement typology and development form, understand national and local sustainable development policy and operation in the context of strategic landscapes, explore various tools and methodologies to assess landscape character and capacity of a wide landscape context within the site, and develop a Design Code which directs the spatial, material and temporal aspects of your proposed approach to sustainable settlement typology and landscape character.
Learning Outcomes

A student passing this module should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate a sound working knowledge of the principles and operations through which the statutory planning system influences the development process,
  2. Understand and critically evaluate the planning policy framework concerning larger landscape scale development and land use;
  3. Demonstrate an advanced ability to research, synthesize and propose a sustainable settlement typology for an agreed area of the site.
  4. Demonstrate a professional quality of graphic and written documentation, oral presentation and general communication skills.
Learning and Teaching Activities Scheduled Contact Hours: 60
Independent Learning Hours: 240
Assessment (For further details see the Module Guide) 001: 50% Coursework: Individual, portfolio: .
002: 50% Coursework: Individual, portfolio: .
Special Assessment Requirements
Indicative Resources The current reading list can be found in the Module Guide, which your lecturer should make available via Moodle.

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