PG6002: School Experience 2


Please note this module descriptor is indicative of the structure of this course and may be subject to change.

PG6002: School Experience 2

Module Title School Experience 2
Module Code PG6002
Module Tutor Emma Howell
School School of Education
CAT Points 0
Level of Study 6
Brief Description

The module aims to build on and consolidate the students’ professional knowledge, understanding and teaching skills developed in PG6001 and from their learning in other PG modules.  Students will undertake a 9-10 week placement in a partnership school/setting and will be expected to undertake planned teaching for approximately 75% of theteaching week during the final 4-6 weeks of their placement.

Indicative Syllabus

The learning is structured through a combination of focused observations and teaching activities across the whole primary curriculum.  Students are required to evaluate their own teaching skills and the impact they have upon pupil learning. They are required to engage in professional dialogue with colleagues in school, to reflect upon discussions and set challenging targets for their own professional development.

Learning Outcomes

A student completing this module should be able to demonstrate that they are able to meet all of the Teachers’ Standards 2012 through reflecting on and evaluating their practice and progress. They should demonstrate secure professional skills and understanding by:


1. utilising secure curriculum knowledge to plan and teach lessons and sequences of lessons which build on prior knowledge, challenge all learners and take into account assessment and evaluation findings in order to promote  progress for all learners


2. using a range of assessment, monitoring and record-keeping strategies effectively and knowing how to report progress to parents


3. implementing a range of teaching strategies and resources taking practical account of diversity and promoting equality and inclusion and evaluating the impact of this teaching on the progress of the all learners in order to modify planning and classroom practice where necessary


4. understanding of their professional roles and responsibilities, including

- the statutory frameworks relating to teachers’ responsibilities,

- working in partnership with a range of agencies and stakeholders

(including parents and carers)

- the role of the school in the wider community and the impact of the community on the school

- working and communicating with colleagues to share the development

of effective practice

- reflecting on their progress, critically analysing their practice and setting targets for further development, identifying continuing

professional development for future study

Learning and Teaching Activities
Assessment (For further details see the Module Guide) 001: 100% Coursework: Individual, standard written: Practical School Experience 9-10 week teaching placement
Special Assessment Requirements
Indicative Resources The current reading list can be found in the Module Guide, which your lecturer should make available via Moodle.

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