Staff Profiles: Dr. Sam Scott

Dr. Sam Scott

Staff Profile: Dr. Sam Scott
Senior Lecturer in Geography

Dr. Sam Scott

Dr. Sam Scott

Senior Lecturer in Geography


Sam is a human geographer who specialises in population geography and international migration. His research focuses on labour migration and workplace exploitation.

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Sam’s research interests focus on labour migration and workplace exploitation. He has worked at the Universities of Sheffield, Liverpool, Bristol and Exeter; has studied at the University of Sheffield and the Sorbonne in Paris; and has extensive experience of research consultancy (public and private sector) as well as working in both Geography and Social Policy Departments. Sam’s teaching interests centre on population geography, social geography, international migration, qualitative methods and geographical fieldwork.

Teaching and research


I currently convene the following modules:

NS6307 Migration Challenges

NS6335 Geography Dissertation

NS5308 Geographical Enquiry

NS5309 Population Dynamics




Low-wage labour migration

Worker exploitation

The UK food industry

British expatriate communities


More publications from Dr. Sam Scott can be found in the Research Repository.