Where to meet us

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​The University of Gloucestershire frequently has staff travelling overseas to meet prospective students. See the schedule below for a list of dates, events and locations where you can meet us.

We also have dedicated representatives based in various countries to help and advise you on how to apply, what courses we offer, entry requirements and so on.

The University of Gloucestershire also works with a network of agent representatives around the world – check for agents in your area on the relevant Country Page. You can contact them throughout the year to find out more about studying with us.

Upcoming visits


City Event Date/Time Location
Nanchang School tour: International Department of Nanchang No.3 High School 26th March 2019, 10:00-12:00 Nanchang No.3 High School
​Qingdao ​2019 Novo Spring Fair ​13th April 2019,13:30-17:30 ​TBC (waiting for the agent's final confirmation of the booking)
Shanghai 2019 New Channel Spring Fair 11th May 2019 TBC (waiting for the agent's final confirmation of the booking)
​Shenzhen ​Amber Education UK & US Education Fair

​16th June 2019, 14:00-18:00

​Marco Polo Hotel, Shenzhen


​City ​Event ​Date/Time ​Location
Jakarta UoG Offer Holder event 2nd April 2019 ​TBC


City Event Date/Time Location
Kuala Lumpur UoG Offer Holder event 29th March 2019 TBC
​Penang ​UoG Offer Holder event ​1st April 2019 ​TBC


​City ​Event ​​Date/Time ​Location
Bangkok IDP Bangkok Gateway to UK & US Education Fair 26 March 2019 16:30-20:00 TBC
Bangkok UoG Offer Holder event 27 March 2019 TBC
Chiang Mai IDP event 30 March 2019 Kantary Hills - Chiang Mai
​Contact in-country representatives
You can also get in touch with any of the in-country staff listed below for more information about the university.