Staff Profiles: Dr. Justin Crouch

Dr. Justin Crouch

Staff Profile: Dr. Justin Crouch
Senior Lecturer in Media Theory

Dr. Justin Crouch

Dr. Justin Crouch

Senior Lecturer in Media Theory

Film and Television

Like every dedicated nerd, I have been passionate about animation since childhood. It is everything one could want as an art and entertainment form, and it is only getting more so. Teaching its history, forms and genres is a pleasure.


I have watched animation since I was a child and studied it since the final year of my undergraduate degree, having started out as an English major. Progressing from existential literature to Looney Tunes may not have been the most logical step, but both offered me the opportunity to examine the creativity of the individual.


Award Title Institution Date
BA (Hons) English Literature Nene College Northampton 1996
MPhil History, Film and Television University of Birmingham 1999
PhD Avant-Garde Animation University of Birmingham 2003
PCHE Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education University of Gloucestershire 2009

Membership of professional bodies

Fellow of the HEA

Teaching and research


Justin teaches across a range of theory modules, including animation history, industry, audiences and genre. He also has the pleasure of delivering content to other Media School courses, including Film Production and Television Production.


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