Staff Profiles: James Dalby

James Dalby

Staff Profile: James Dalby
Senior Lecturer in Digital Media

James Dalby

James Dalby

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media

Music and Media

How do we prepare students for an ever-changing Digital Media industry - and for the jobs of the future - while remaining world-leaders in traditional communications? That's one of the most exciting things about what I do!


My field is the immersive industries; from a background in film cinematography, I'm now a VR-experience producer and a Transmedia architect, and as an academic I have published and spoken around the world about these fascinating new industries.

I'm incredibly proud of the fast-moving and adaptive course that we have developed here at UoG, where we use innovative and ground-breaking teaching workflows to prepare students for the industries of today, and the workplace of tomorrow!


Mentor with the BCre8ive scheme


University Teaching Fellow

Student-nominated WOW-award winner

Regularly nominated by students at the annual Staff Excellence Awards, in categories such as 'Inspiration' and 'Extraordinary Support'

Membership of professional bodies

HEA Fellow

Teaching and research




My main research focus is in Immersive and Transmedia storytelling, connected devices and emergent media, including Virtual and Augmented Reality. I have spoken about this at conferences around the world, published a number of papers and book chapters (including a current book project due for publication soon) and am occasionally asked to speak on platforms such as BBC radio. I am also fascinated by developing innovative and contemporary teaching methods.