Staff Profiles: Dr. Louise Folkes

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Staff Profile: Dr. Louise Folkes
Lecturer in Sociology

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Dr. Louise Folkes

Lecturer in Sociology

Social Sciences

I am a sociology lecturer across several undergraduate modules. My interests are in class inequalities, social mobility, poverty, community organising and creative qualitative research methods.


My interests stem from my own experience in Higher Education as somebody from a 'non-traditional background'. As such, throughout my work I aim to highlight the systemic inequalities experienced by marginalised groups in everyday life.

My PhD thesis explored social mobility, in particular critiquing normative understandings of social mobility whilst arguing the importance of place, community, social class, and gender. I am a critical researcher and I draw upon both critical discourse analysis and discursive psychology in my thesis.


My research overlaps with many areas, however my broad research interests are:

-social class inequalities and identities

-community development/organising

-critical social psychology and narrative-discursive approaches

-creative methods and ethnographic approaches


Award Title Institution Date
PhD Collective (re)imaginings of social mobility: Insights from place-based, classed and gendered (im)mobility narratives. Cardiff University 2019
MSc Social Science Research Methods (Sociology specialism) Cardiff University 2015
BSc Social Science (BPS accredited) Cardiff University 2014


British Psychological Society

Teaching and research


Undergraduate, Postgraduate