Staff Profiles: Camilla Giambonini

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Staff Profile: Camilla Giambonini
Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

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Camilla Giambonini

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Psychological Sciences

I am a forensic psychologist and criminologist specialising in youth crime, sexuality and sex offending. I trained as probation officer, mostly working with sex offenders.


After completing my studies in clinical and social psychology (MSc), I trained as probation officer in my home country (Switzerland), further specializing in forensic psychology. I mostly worked with sex offenders and people with a substance misuse related to their offending. Further to my experience working with offenders, I studied criminology (MA) and moved to the UK, where there is a substantial academic tradition in criminological theory and sociology of deviance. My academic interests focus on youth crime, sexuality and the impact of vulnerability on people's social interactions, particularly those relating to the use of new communication technologies and social media. I maintain an active engagement with service users through various volunteering experiences.


Award Title Institution Date
MSc Clinical and Social Psychology University of Geneva 2008
MA Criminology University of Kent 2012


Swiss Federation of Psychology and Psychotherapy (FSP), 2008

Membership of professional bodies

HE Associate Fellow

Teaching and research


I lecture on modules on Forensic Psychology, Psychology and Criminology and Clinical Psychology.


Undergraduate, Postgraduate


Broadly, my research investigates the impact of forms of vulnerabilty in the context of interactions carried out with new communication technologies and social media. I am particularly interested in phenomena, such as sexting, which are legally framed and which can, in some cases, lead to a penal sanction. I am currently completing a PhD thesis exploring the meaning of sexting for teenagers, where I intervieweed 16 year olds concerning their understanding of the exchange of sexualised images via social media and new communication technologies (e.g. mobile phones).

External responsibilities

Subjects for media interviews

Moral panics about the sexuality of teenagers, the pornification of culture and the pedagogical needs of contemporary adolescents.

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